AROCA WA 2018 Annual General Meeting

Date: Tuesday 4th September 2018

Venue: Light Car Clubrooms Moojebing Street Bayswater

AROCA WA Members, One and ALL,



The Annual General Meeting will be held at 

7.30pm on Tuesday September 4th 2018 

at the Light Car Clubrooms Moojebing Street Bayswater.


Complimentary Drinks and Pizza will be served.


Please find attached the Draft Minutes from the 2017 AGM, together with an agenda for this AGM, and a Committee Nomination Form.


The club is seeking nominations from its members to fill all of the club’s committee roles.


While some of the existing committee members have indicated their willingness to serve for another year, all positions are open for nomination.

In the case of more than one nomination for any position the meeting will vote to determine.


Please consider whether you would be interested in nominating for any of the positions listed below:



Past President (not open to nomination and optionally filled by the outgoing President)



Competition Secretary

CMC representative

CAMS representative


General committee members / Social/Event


The club is very keen to continue its provision of great events and to add some new ones to its coming year’s calendar.  However, it is in need of your help to do so.  


Therefore, please consider standing for a role on the club’s committee.

If you are thinking you may want to put your hand up by all means call and have a chat to me or any other committee member.




There is a “Special Resolution to Update the Constitution”. 

The proposal is to change our existing Constitution to a more simple one with supporting Policies. 

Ivan Olsen and other diligent committee members have reviewed this over quite some time.

This will bring us both up to date, and allow minor changes to be accomplished over time by amending policies and not the full constitution.

Our old Constitution is now quite out of date with several items so the proposed amendments would improve the situation.

As a special resolution it will require a minimum of 75% of the voting members in attendance to vote in favour for the changes to take effect.

The new wording in full is attached to this notice.


It is important that you attend to vote on the Special Resolution if it is at all possible for you to do so. 


I look forward to seeing you on the 4th of September and sharing a complimentary glass of wine and some gourmet pizza from Mio Amore.

Apologies for the size and length of this email but it is essential that it be circulated to all members.



Andrew Murray




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