1981 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint

1981 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint $19,000



A unique opportunity to own a rust-free, unmolested steel bumper Sprint with a factory fitted 1.5 twin carb boxer motor. The Aus steel bumpers got the single carb version. As such, it’s a quick little Sprint for what it is. All 105hp of it, but then, the car weighs 820ish Kgs…so it’s a fun package. Optionally I have a completed 16v conversion kit (suspension, engine, computer, fuel tank etc aren’t from an Alfa 33). Don’t like the idea of that but want more torque? I also have a supercharger kit for the standard 1.5 boxer motor. The latter being completely reversible, given the untouched nature of the car, that may be more appropriate. Imported to Melbourne over a decade ago. Supporting paperwork from ownership in Malaysia where the car did extremely low miles according to papers (25××× miles in total). Selling with factory wheels. Nothing to spend. I’m simply too tall for the car so facing facts. I doubt there is a better steel bumper Sprint in Aus.


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