Rare 1973 Giulia Super

1973 Giulia Super

Now registered


Matching numbers. Factory RHD. Imported to Perth from Malaysia in 1996.

Fully rebuilt top to bottom to a very high standard.

A rare model in Australia and very rare to find one with the original engine.

The car has now completed 1200kms on the full rebuild of engine, gearbox, brakes, diff and steering.

To take the car to the very best level there is some minor trim work but I will complete in price or negotiate..

Otherwise exceptional. A similar car  (1972 Giulia Super 1.3) sold in Melbourne a few weeks ago for $68,000 so there is scope in this example.

I have two cars for sale and only want to sell one, so the first one to sell is it.


Car is not  available at this time sorry.

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