May meeting – Special Event

Hi All,
Thanks to the generosity of fellow club member and general Italian car enthusiast, Steve Boyle, we have something a bit different on for the May general meeting on Tuesday 3rd.
Steve is part owner of United Fuel Injection in Belmont, which has a  dynamometer and has kindly offered to host a “dyno night” for club members.
​The first 6 members who get back to me will be able to get their car checked on the dyno to see whether their pride and joy is up to snuff, or the makers claims.
The only criteria are:
You must be a club member of the Alfa Club
Your car must be an Alfa (or at least Italian)
Your car needs to be a manual with no “flappy paddles”
You are not one of Steve’ regular customers

We will also be putting on the usual refreshments i.e. pizzas and a few drinks so come along and joins us at

United Fuel Injection, 479 Great Eastern Highway, Redcliffe, about a kilometre past the domestic airport entry on the left travelling east.


We have the cars for the dyno night and they are:
Michael Barrenger’ turbo charged and supercharged Alfetta GTV
Ian MacDonald’ 2003 3ltr GTV6
​Nick Rahimtullah’ 1974 ​2000 GTV
Vince Troth’ 2000 Spider
Benton Moran’ 156 GTA
Ian Glover’ 1985 GTV6
First reserve should any of the above not show is Hugo Beckle’ 1975 Spider.
Also note that the evening festivities will commence at the earlier than usual time of 6:30.
​Nancy Reed
Club Secretary


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